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How to Apply a 3DS Screen Protector for Nintendo 3DS

In order to protect the screen of nontendo console.Most 3DS users have bought or will buy the 3DS screen protectors for their 3DS console. This small item looks like very simple to apply, actually it is really easy to do it,but without the skills, you can ruin it as well. Then in this post, i will tell you guys how to apply the 3DS screenprotector and how to install it for your 3DS,after you read this guide, everyone can do this job in a few mins, let’s get it started.

As we know thet there are two screens(top and touch) on the nintendo 3DS, then we will apply them separately.

Before you apply the screen protector, you need to get off all the dust and other particles, just sipe the screen to do it.

For touch screen

Step 1  Remove the sheet
Step 2  Line up the corners of the touch screen
Step 3  Pull the slide sheet slowly and  Place your finger in the middle, use your fingers to against the edges for a better fit
Step 4   Remove the final protective sheet from the screenprotector

For Top Screen

Step 1  Remove the two sheets
Step 2   Line up the camera and speaker and affix the adhesive to the edge securely before placing.
Step 3   Pull the slide sheet slowly, place your finger in the middle.  Gently side your fingers against the edges for a better fit.
Step 4   Remove the final 3DS protective sheet from the 3DS screen protector. Be careful that the actual protector does not also peel off when removing the protective sheet.


After you follow those steps, you will know how easy it is.

3DS screenprotector

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