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Update your Acekard 2i firmware to V1.8.8 now

This morning akaio team has released a new firmware AKAIO V1.8.8 for Ak2i, in the new firmware, they fixed a lot of games(see list below) and also did a lot of change in other things. let’s take a look.


• Updated to devkitARM r34 and libnds 1.5.2
• Added two small icon view modes: Filename and Internal Name
• Touchscreen scrolling has been inverted by default
– Mimics touchscreen phone/tablet scrolling
– Can be toggled in Advanced Settings screen
• FAS1 Modifications to allow modifying specific SRAM Banks and dumping the entire 256KB SRAM
– Options in the FAS1 Menu
• Added support for 24bit and 32bit bitmaps for skins
– Note these get down sampled to 16bit so no increase in available colors.

Fixed game list

August 23rd
Fixed Dragon Quest Monsters – Joker 2 (#XXXX)

August 9th
Fixed Atsumete! Kirby (#5803).

August 1st
Fixed Camping Mama + Papa (#5771).
Fixed Nora to Toki no Koubou – Kiri no Mori no Majo (#5783).

July 31st
Fixed Captain America: Super Soldier (#5781).

July 22nd
Fixed Captain America: Super Soldier (#5770).

July 13th
Fixed One Piece – Gigant Battle! (#5753).
Fixed Kaidan Restaurant – Zoku! Shin Menu 100-Sen (#5756).
Fixed Tennis no Oji-Sama Gyutto! Dokidoki Survival Umi to Yama no Love Passion (#5758).
Fixed Crime Lab – Body of Evidence (#5760).
Fixed Imagine – Resort Owner (#5759).

July 3rd
Fixed Art Academy (#5162,#5460).
Fixed Phineas and Ferb – Ride Again (#5557).
Fixed Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Mini-Land Mayhem! (#5547).
Fixed Pokemon – Weisse Edition (#5588).
Fixed Pokemon – Schwarze Edition (#5589).
Fixed Pokemon – Versione Bianca (#5598).
Fixed Pokemon – Versione Nera (#5599).
Fixed Know How 2 (#5606).
Fixed Tron – Evolution (#5626).
Fixed Lost Identities (#5634).
Fixed Chronicles of Mystery – The Secret Tree of Life (#5639).
Fixed Cosmetick Paradise Princess Life (#5659).
Fixed Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (#5669).
Fixed Minna to Kimi no Piramekino! (#5680).
Fixed Pocket Monsters – White (#5682).
Fixed Pocket Monsters – Black (#5683).
Fixed Murder in Venice (#5688).
Fixed Pucca Power Up (#5689).
Fixed Dragon Quest VI – Realms of Revelation (#5692).
Fixed Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s – World Championship 2011 – Over the Nexus (#5696,#5720).
Fixed Original Story from Fairy Tail – Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou (#5698).
Fixed Tangled (#5700).
Fixed Kimi ni Todoke – Tsutaeru Kimochi (#5713).
Fixed Meitantei Conan – Aoki Houseki no Rondo (#5726).
Fixed Treasure Report – Kikai Jikake no Isan (#5727).
Fixed Cars 2 (#5742).
Fixed Murder in Venice (#5745).
Fixed Solatorobo – Red the Hunter (#5749).
Fixed One Piece – Gigant Battle! (#5750).
Fixed NTR TESTER (#????).

Thanks to AKAIO team to update this firmware and make it support so many games! if you have a Acekard 2i , you can update your firmware and enjoy the games now,this news is frm gba forum and acekard official site haven’t released the update new, if you want , you can wait until the official site releases the news, Good news anyway.


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