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DSTwo black screen, what is wrong with it?

There are many questions of Supercard DSTwo when you do something with the DSTwo, such as using the incorrect file, update it in a incorrect way, even you do everthing correct, it may be stop working as well, there are some similar DSTwo problems, black screen is one of them, look at this.

Here is a questions from my friend

He received his supercard DStwo two days ago,his 3DS version is V2.1.0-4, the latest firmware, everything was fine when he received it in the beginning, he can use it very well, congratulations to him, it means the card he received is a pre-update card, he dont need to use a DS or DSi to update it first.but problem came yesterday,he powered off his 3DS and then power on again, when he was teying to play some games, black screen showed up and then message “error has occurred please refer to the manual for details press and hold the power button” He tried it for servel times, same problem happened everytime. He then did some normal job to save it, formatting the SD card, insatlled the lateat firmware again, nothing changed, same problem showed, and things even became worse, the DSTwo stucked in the 3DS console, it took him a long time to get it out, then he gave up….

What is the problem, did he do something wrong or the DStwo he received is a broken or even a fake card. Supercard DStwo is said to be the best flashcard in the market, but why did the problem happen, is there a method to fix it or he need to buy another good working card instead.

when we met this problem. we usually solve it like this

1. just as he did, format the SD, install the latest firmware and tried again.

2. Change another SD card. many problems happen because of the bad SD card.

3. contact the seller to replace a one if you can not fix it by yourself, they always have a warrenty! Of course you need to send the borken one back to them.

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