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How to update R4i gold to Wood r4 V1.37

Today r4i gold (r4ids.cn) team has updated their firmware from V1.36b to V1.37, the new update added more games, updated the fatfs to V0.09, and also did many other changes. let’s take a look.

At first, there is always a FAQ everytime

Q: Why did you pick the name, Yellow Wood Goblin?
A: Once I lived in a forest, so – Wood Goblin. When I tried to register “wood.goblin” as an e-mail but it already existed. So I randomly choose a color.

Here is the changelog of this new firmware update

QUOTE(Change Log)

• fatfs updated to 0.09.

• wrapping added in filelist, cheatlist and all spinboxes. wrapping happens only if first/last element selected and you press appropriate key. in case other elements selected and you hold appropriate key the scrolling stops then selection reaches first/last element.

• ‘youda legend – the curse of the amsterdam diamond’ fixed.
• ‘suite precure melody collection (japan)’ fixed.
• force 64k save for ‘doctor who – evacuation earth’.
• ‘camping mama – outdoor adventures (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘harvest moon ds – the tale of two towns (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘cars 2 (europe) (fr,de,it)’ fixed.
• ‘kirby – mass attack (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘pucca – power up (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘barbie – fashionista inc.’ fixed.
• ‘phineas and ferb – across the 2nd dimension (europe)’ fixed.
• force save size to 512K for ‘time hollow’.

• sometimes on dsi/3ds wifi goes to sleep after 65s.
• connect to open ap in case wep encryption set in wfc settings.
• savesize.bin support..

How update your r4i gold to V1.37, when you get this card, just download the latest firmware from here: wood V1.37 for r4i gold , extrace the file and get the firmware folder. open the folder and you will see the firmware files,  go and get a SD card and then put all the files in the root of your SD card, put some games on your SD. then put the SD card and r4i gold into your DS/DSi/3DS console. POwer on your console and you will see the icon now.

Once the new wood firmware comes out, you can update it in the same easy way!


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