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help, my ackeard 2i stopped working suddenly

This is a frquently question for Ak2i users, some guys said their acekard 2i flashcards stopped working suddently. And before that, everything is working fine, so what is the problem.

in my opinion, there are two main reasons you need to check out.

first, go and check if  it is the contact issue problem. just do some work about paper trick,updating to new firmware,cleaning contacts. if it still not working, then we change to another method to solve it.

This method is to reflash it with another working flashcard. And you will also need a DS console to do this job.

Things required

1. DS console
2. another flashcart such as acekard 2i, r4i gold 3ds or any other working 3SD flashcard. i will use another r4i gold as a example.

Here is the step by step guide for you

Step1  Download the latest r4i gold firmware wood V1.44 from the official site

Step2  download the acekard 2i update patch from ak2i official site

Step3 Extract those files and put the firmware and update patch files in the root of your sd card.

Step4  insert the r4i gold and sd card into your DS console. Power on

Step5 Just click the update patch file

Step6 take out the r4i gold card, and insert your broken acekard 2i into the DS console.

Step7 Go on the update, then it will start flashing the acekard 2i.

Step8 just wait until it finishes.

So this is the complete guide to do it. feel free to do it step by step, you can finish it in 3 mins.




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