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r4i gold 3ds flashcard multimedia feature user guide

R4i 3ds flashcard is a nice flashcard from r4ids.cn team, you can use it not only play DS games, but also enjoy the multimedia featurea such as watch video, listen to the music, and reading the e-books. And there are two different methods to enjoy the multimeida feature, i will talk about the first method in this post.

first, we use the wood firmware and “media function 1.51C”

Step1  Download the latest  media function 1.51C  extract it and put all the files in the root of your sd card.

Step2  Download the r4i3ds latest wood r4 firmware V1.44 from here, extract it you will see some folders and files, just copy the folder “_rpg” to the SD card, just overwrite it.

Step3 After you put those files in the sd card, put your media files such as pics, ebooks, videos, music in the sd card.

Step4 Insert your sd card and r4i gold 3ds flashcard to your DS/DSi/3DS console.

Step4  Power on your console, you will see the menu, and the icon named :  game, audio, video

Step5  So if you want to play games, click game icon, if you want to listen to the music, click the audio, if you want to watch a video, just watch it. so that’s it.

Very easy guide and  you can finish it in 3 mins.

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