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R4i gold 3DS card firmware has been updated to V1.45

Here is an update news about r4i gold flashcard, today wood team has accounced that they have updated the wood r4 firmware from V1.44 to V1.45. As we know that r4i gold from r4ids.cn uses the wood firmware. At the same time, they also released the news in the official site that r4i 3ds firmware V1.45 released.

Here is the change log of this update

Change Log (WOODR4 V1.45)

– minor fix in homebrew softreset.
– devkitpro ‘Exit to Menu Protocol’ support. (http://devkitpro.org/wiki/Homebrew_Menu)
– associations support added. you can associate any file type (except nds&gba) to any homebrew application. launched file passed to application as argv[1] params. i know two applications that support this: nesDS and Iku reader. associations settings stored in /__rpg/associations.ini file. sample:

– ‘shin megami tensei – devil survivor 2 (usa)’ fixed.

So if you use the R4 flashcard from r4ids.cn, just update your firmware.

How to update your r4i gold firmware from wood V1.44 to wood V1.45

Download the latest wood firmware from here: Wood V1.45

Extract the file and put all the files in the root of the sd card.

Inser the SD card and your r4i goold 3ds card into your console

Power on and enjoy your games.



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