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How to use PS3 True Blue? – Support PS3 fw3.55

What we need:

1. The newest firmware update of TrueBlue Dongle Firmware 2.5 2. The firmware of TrueBlue True Blue3.55 Firmware
3. 1 x USB memory card
4. 1 x card reader
5. 1 x PS3 console(ofw3.55、kmeaw cfw3.55、e3flasher)
6. 1 x ps3 true blue

Step “Install the true blue firmware update”

1. Creat a “PS3” folder in the sd card.
2. In the “PS3” folder, creat a “UPDATA” folder
3. Unzip the dongle firmware update, put the “PS3UPDAT.PUP” into the
4. Insert the sd card into your ps3 console, power on
5. Select the “system update” on the main menu, then the “PS3UPDAT.PUP” will be started from the
sd card
6. The “PS3UPDAT.PUP” will install auto

Step “Install the true blue firmware”

1. When finish the “PS3UPDAT.PUP” installation, put the sd card out of ps3
2. Unzip the True Blue Firmware, put the “TrueBlueUpdate-2.3.pkg” into
the root of sd card
3. Insert the sd card into ps3 console again
4. Select the “Install Package Files” on the main menu, install it.
5. Then back to main page, find a folder named “Not Set”
6. Select the “TrueBlueUpdateV2.3” in it and install
7. When install completed, it will show “please insert dongle now”

Step “Insert True Blue”

1. Insert the true blue
2. It will update auto
3. Completed, then you will find the version become “Version 3.55true blue2.3”

Step “Play games”

1. Insert your External HDD
2. Go to the “Multiman” then select the game you like.
3. Then play (this is easy)

Attention: If you want to play 3.56 games, you need download the game backup from internet. And the game backup have to be patched that can support true blue.

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