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Do you know PB2 (PS3 break 2)? – The return of the king!

According to the official of ps3 break, their new product will be released soon. The name is PB2 (PS3 break 2) !  It can play v3.6+ games on 3.55 systerm. I know it is as same as true blue. But as a classic brand, i believe its product is worth to expect! Here is the official news:

wholesale Pb2 (PS3break2) is the latest product from PS3break team who ever made a tremendous splash in the PS3 scene. Pb2 can break your own PS3 console and enjoy the latest and most popular PS3 games which require 3.6+ or 3.7+ PS3 firmware. The ps3break team are focused on enhancing the user experience of our customers, play games with it easily!

Features include:

Booting of games designed for PS3 system software v3.6 and above
Runs your existing games and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers
Does not require the power/eject trick
Custom v3.55 Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when PB2 is not inserted
Manufactured from highest grade components and Actel based
Durable and high quality plastic case design
Tough and durable plastic packaging
Further features to be added as they are developed
On board 2 MBytes SPI flash
Supports Fat and Slim PS3 consoles currently running any firmware up to v3.55 and any PS3 which can be downgraded successfully from v3.6+ to v3.55 (NOTE: requires other tools, PB2 cannot downgrade a console)
Supports all regions of consoles
Supports all regions of v3.6+ games
Rock solid crystal oscillator on board for flawless timings

Looking forward to this product!


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