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How to use PB2 (PS3break2) ?

Hey everybody, i got the PB2 today and just tested it.  now i will show how it is work. The follow is it, very light, not as heavy as true blue and looks similar with their preceding product ps3break.

What we need:

1. PB2 3.55 CFW
2. PB2(PS3break2) wholesale
2.sd card
3.card reader


1. Download the PB2 3.55 CFW and unzip it, you wii find a file “PS3UPDAT.PUP”
2. Insert the sd card to your pc, creat a folder named “PS3″(capital letter), then creat a folder named “UPDATE”(capital letter)
3. Put the  “PS3UPDAT.PUP” into the “UPDATE” folder
4. Insert the usb into your ps3, turn on your console and select “system update” to install the 3.55 cfw

5. When the update is finished, the console will reboot

6. Then take out the usb, insert the PB2 and go to multiman to choose  a game from your external hdd.

7. It will back to the main page, and go to the app to start game!

Enjoy your game!

Thanks for reading!

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