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Can i jailbreak my xbox 360 to play on-line?

We know that if we use xk3y or x360dock to jailbreak our xbox 360, we can not use it play on-line. Even there is no feed back that use them on-line and get banned, but no one know when the MS will do that, that is risky.

So we can not play on-line if we jailbreak our xbox 360? I found an interesting tools a few days ago. named wholesale X360Pro V4 (Fourth Generation ). The biggest advantage is Play your xbox on live and RGH homebrew on one console ! This is amazing right? The follow is the features from official site:
* NextGen Dual NAND Device
* Easy Switch Between Stock Onboard NAND and Custom NAND by Extenal switch
* No need to cut any tracks on the Xbox360 motherboard
* Easy QSB Solution (Quick Solder Board)
* Easy Wire Install Option Also Available(only 3 wires for slim/5 wires for phat)
* Both Phat and Slim Versions
* Compatible with any xbox360 with 16 MB NAND
* Original Brand NAND to Match Stock For Security & Compatibility
* Built-In USB, support MCU update no open your xbox and no others hardware
* NAND Read/Write Hardware, quickly dump nand (Other SPI Hardware Not Required)
* Compatible with Nandpro 2.0 and 3.0 software
* Boot time almost in 5~30 seconds
* More Premium Features Will Be Announced Very Soon……

The point is Don’t worry to be ban. Maybe the installation is difficult than the dvd flash such sk3y or dock, but this item is great. I want to get one and see how it works.

Thanks for reading!

  1. pipi
    March 31, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    bad one

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