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How to resolve the problem of your Ace3ds Card?

April 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Problem1: The screen show:  menu?

This is because you put a wrong kernel in your Ace3ds, go to the official site to download the newest kernel, unzip it, put all files into the root of sd card , then put the roms (.nds files) into the sd card also. insert the sd to ace3ds, put ace3ds into your console, done.

Problem2: The screen show: “an error occurs” with black background and white words.

This means your card need updating. The problem will occurs on 2 consoles,  DSi and 3DS. As i know, if your DSi is updated to v1.44 already, the ace3ds can not work on it. The official have not released the update package yet. But if your console is 3DS v3.0.0-6, go to the official site to download the update package, and the update step is:

1.Download the v3.0.0-6 package and unzip it.
2.Put the .nds file and .dat file into the root of sd card.
3.Put the latest kernel into the root of sd card.
4.Put the sd into Ace3ds, put Ace3ds into the ds. Power on.
5.Start the “update”, and it will update by itself. Do not do any operate when it updating. Make sure the power is full and not power off during the updating.

When it become 100%, reboot the console.
Then the icon will change. And the card can support v3.0.0-6 perfectly.

Problem3: Sometimes, when you want to update your card, the screen show “ID mismatch”

This problem can’t resolve as far. When the Ace3ds official released the 3.0.0-5 update package, this problem sometimes occurs. But it doesn’t matter now, because the newest Ace3ds can work on 3DS v3.0.0-6 perfectly and no need updating.

Problem4: The card can’t be recognized, screen show “no card insert”

This have 2 reasons. one is the card is a bad card, the other is updating wrong. If your console is power off during the updating, the card will be damaged and can’t be recognized anymore or become white screen to freezing!

Problem5:  white screen or freeze

The same as Problem4.