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How to install E3 flasher? (E3 flasher mainboard installation)

Here is the E3 flasher mainboard which is put in the metal cover:

Put the E3 flasher wholesale into Hard disk warehouse like the HDD install.

use the left space to put the soft flat cable on the mainboard. use finger to press the flat cable lightly from left to right. if the install is correct, you will hear a sound like snap-in.

Finish the installation:

Put the whole mainboard into the Hard disk warehouse. (Be careful and lightly)

Then put the E3 flasher Vice motherboard on the mainboard. don’t mistake the place.

The last is fixed the Vice motherboard,  tighten the screws.

If the installation is correct, power on, you will see the red LED is light.

PS: In order to ensure the installation is successful, you can test the E3 flasher before make the console back.

Connect the ESATA HDD and put the original HDD back to the case.

Set the Vice motherboard to PS3 MODE,OFW, if you can start normal, congratulations!

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How to install E3 flasher (slim version cup Installation tutorial)

Step1:  install the cup like the follow:

Attention:  make sure the cup is placed in a right direction and right place. wholesale E3 flasher is designed precise and it will fix with the mainboard perfectly.

Step2: make the soft cables to 180 ° bend, use scotch tape to fixed it on the clip.  keep the soft cables flat on the mainboard, use scotch tape to fix it on the mainboard. (attention: don’t let the tape cover the goldern part) Then the clip is installed.

Attention: don’t make the soft board buckling, just like nature:

get the ps3 back

Step1:  put the metal cover back, let the flat cable of soft board out of metal cover.

Step2: put the mainboard back, (attention: make the flat cable through the Hard disk warehouse first before put back the mainboard) screw the 2 black and 2 white screws back. install the antenna

Step3: put back the keyboard plate and the dvd drive. connect the keyboard plate cables first, but don’t make it in the box, you need put the dvd drive back first.

Step4:  dvd drive need connect the cables from bottom, press the connector carefully.

then connect the outside cables

then put back the dvd drive and screw the last screws

The last is put back the keyboard flat

Step5: put back the power and connect the cables

Step6: put back the cover and screw all the screws of bottom (not including hard disk houseware screws)

How to install the E3 flasher ? (open the ps3 slim)

What we need:

1 x PS3 (can be downgraded to 3.55)
1 x E3  flasher wholesale
1 x cross screwdriver
1 x The plum blossom with a screwdriver

How to open the PS3 (SLIM)

Step1: take down 4 Hexagonal screw the plum blossom at the bottom of PS3

Step2: open the cover of hdd, and take out of the hdd

Step3: Tear seal, take down all the screw

Step4: open the shell

Step5: take out the screw of power and pull up the cables of power, take the power supply out.

Step6: take out the screw in the right and left of the power. (one is bigger and the other is smaller, don’t mistake them)

Step7:  take out all the cables of CD driver

One is at the bottom of CD driver, be careful to take it out

Step8: before you take out the CD drive, pull the power keyboard plate first (just detach it not take it down because there is cables on it )

then you can take out the CD drive

Step9: take out the antenna don’t need to take out the metal part. be careful here, and take out the keyboard plate

then it will be like this:

Step10: before take out the mainboard, take down 4 screws first (the white ones for fixing the Hard disk warehouse)

then you can take the mainboard out

Step11: take out all the screws of the mainboard’s metal cover

take out the metal cover