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How to use x360dock module2 ?

May 2, 2012 1 comment

What the x360dock module 2 content:

x360dock module1 install:

connect the white data cables and the black data cables. There are white words on the mainboard, “TO DRIVE” means conect with the  drive slot, and “USB” means use the soft cables to connect with the dongle

“TO MOTHERBOARD” means contact with the motherboard” right is power and the left is sata.

Attention: be care of the soft cables, make sure it is conected tightness.

module2 install (you can buy the x360dock module1 + module2 wholesale on Game4Deal):

here is a black chip included in the module2. put it on the dongle like the follow picture.

connect the dongle to the controller, like the follow:

How to put software into the sd card:

Download the module2 firmware on the official site:

use USB Image tool to format the sd card.

open the USB Image tool ,select the drive, and select the second choice.

press “restore”


The follow is the video, please check it:

Thanks for your reading!